Ensuring Elk Grove Remains A Welcoming Place To Call Home

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At the 5-22-19 Elk Grove City Council meeting, one resident shared her professional experience with law enforcement and urged the council to pay heed to the concerns of the citizenry. Councilmembers' involvement with CNU was also discussed by another resident, pointing to a potential conflict of interest and suggesting that those officeholders should recuse themselves from voting on the project. The legal definition of "conflict of interest" was discussed, shining a light on the murky waters of the law. 

ElkGroveNews.Net writes:  During the Wednesday, May 22, 2019 meeting of the Elk Grove City Council, two Elk Grove residents read a letter into the public record that aroused and seemingly irritated two council members. 

Citizens Voice Concerns About CNU's Medical Complex Proposal

At the 4/18/19 Elk Grove Planning Commission meeting, residents took the opportunity to voice their concerns about the California Northstate University "biodistrict" project.  New plans were submitted by CNU to the City earlier that week, raising even greater concerns about the welfare of Elk Grove and the Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge.  Here are highlights from the public comment portion of that meeting.

Public Docs Show Cozy Relationship Between Elk Grove & CNU

N.E.S.T. member exposes communications between the city's Economic Development Director, Darrell Doan, and CNU President/CEO, Alvin Cheung, illustrating the questionable business relationship between the two, as well as the vision of making West Elk Grove a "Biotech District".  This further goes to show the lack of transparency that exists between the City of Elk Grove, CNU and the citizens they both claim to serve.


Darrell Doan Emails Prove City's involvement In CNU Project

Economic Development Director's Emails Display City's Support for CNU Project and for "Bio District"

Preview From Elk Grove News.Net Article:


Although the back story of the $750 million hospital proposed in Elk Grove has been cloaked in semi-secrecy, as public documents are released some questions are being answered. However, the records are raising as many questions as being answered.   

One of the early questions is what role does the city’s economic development director Darrell Doan have in the facility under pursuit by Elk Grove-based California Northstate University (NCU). Early indications from a review of the documents suggest Doan has been regularly corresponding with Dr. Alvin Cheung, NCU’s president and chief executive officer for some time.

"Highlights" from the 3/27 elk Grove City Council Meeting

  • Some speakers directly addressed Mayor Ly with concerns about his involvement with the project and the lack of transparency from city leaders.  
  • One speaker called for Mayor Ly's resignation.  
  • The final speaker exposed communications between the city's Economic Development Director, Darrell Doan, and CNU President/CEO, Alvin Cheung, illustrating the questionable business relationship between the two, as well as their vision of making West Elk Grove a "Biotech District".  

"Highlights" from the 3/13 Elk Grove City Council Meeting

  • Mayor Ly takes extra time to tell the speakers in the audience to be concise and to not waste time with their presentations. 
  • Union Leaders speak in support of CNU's proposed medical complex. (Shocker!)
  • Citizens/N.E.S.T. members exercise their rights to speak before the council and offer sincere input that has actual substance.
  • An angry man makes a jumbled speech, which culminates with him ordering any CNU opponents to "JUST MOVE!" 


The City Council meeting on 2/27 was well attended by citizens opposing the proposed California Northstate University Medical Complex. At this meeting, the update to the General Plan was discussed. Thanks to the presentations from several concerned neighbors, the council decided not to include the re-zoning of Stonelake Landing in the updated General Plan.

On 1/30/19, CNU had the opportunity to publicly answer questions and clear up what they've called "misquotes by the media" in relation to their plans to build a massive medical complex in Stonelake Landing, a project that would destroy at least 15 small-businesses and severely impact the quiet, neighboring residential community. Instead, they opted for "no comment".  Meanwhile, Councilman Suen claimed the city is not taking sides. 

At the 2/21/19 Elk Grove Planning Commission meeting, citizens continue to speak out against California Northstate University's proposed medical complex. The information provided and the passionate speeches were powerful and compelling. 

At the 2/13/19 Elk Grove City Council meeting, Dreaming Dog Brewery donated a check to the EGPD K-9 Unit. In the face of adversity brought on by California Northstate University, which is seeking to destroy Dreaming Dog Brewery to make way for a massive medical complex, owners David and Liz Brown continue to exude integrity, honesty and a love for their community. 


The Sacramento News & Review isn't known for pulling punches.  Quite the contrary, this publication is best known and loved for its ability to provide thorough, thoughtful and unapologetic honesty.  

SNR reporter Scott Thomas Anderson shines a spotlight on the bitter rivalry between the Stonelake community and Calfornia Northstate University, as well as on the questionable campaign donations made to local city officials that may have influenced the choices they've made regarding the development of the west side of Elk Grove. 

At the 1/23/19 Elk Grove City Council meeting, a woman speaking in favor of the hospital project neglected to disclose her affiliation with CNU as the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Associate Dean of Medical Education, even after being asked to leave her contact information so that CNU could include her in alleged community outreach events.   

Mayor Steve Ly's speech at CNU's press conference on 12/20/18 exposes lies regarding the scope and impact of the project, as well as when CNU first began talks with the mayor about their plans.  It is clear that as CNU continued to offer leases to new small businesses in Stonelake Landing, they did so knowing that those businesses would be destroyed just a short time later.