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11/16 Meeting with District 1 Councilman


At the 11/6 meeting with District 1 Councilman, Darren Suen, community members had the opportunity to ask questions and express their thoughts about the CNU Medical Complex proposal. Though the topic was a hot button issue for all in attendance, for the most part, it was a respectful, intelligent and productive dialogue. 


From the Elk Grove Citizen

The Elk Grove Citizen recently published a story, recapping the discussion between citizens of West Elk Grove and their District 1 Councilman, Darren Suen.  Read it here.


From ElkGroveNews.net

Read a summary of the 11/16 meeting and listen to the audio of the entire event, published by ElkGroveNews.net, here.

CNU's Rep Shows University's True Colors

A CNU representative attended the 11/6 community meeting with District 1 Councilman Darren Suen. Mr. Holloway was soon put on the spot and, with no time to prepare his statements, showed California Northstate University's true colors.

CNU Orchestrates Helicopter Simulation in Stonelake Landing

On November 1, 2019, California Northstate University orchestrated a helicopter simulation over Stonelake Landing as part of the environmental review process for their proposed medical complex. The audio in this video has not been altered. For reference, the people heard speaking after the first flyby were standing approximately 10 feet behind the point of filming. The objects you see flying by the helicopter at various times are birds, most likely from the adjacent national wildlife refuge.

Public Hearing on "By-District" Elections On 10/23

On October 23, 2019, another Public Hearing was held regarding the adoption of a four-district map implementing a by-district election system for City Councilmembers. Three maps (including the current district map, pictured at right) were considered. Though not without dramatic dissension, and with Stephanie Nugyen from District 4 absent, a resolution was passed (3-1) to  keep the current district map until the 2020 census. This will allow West Elk Grove to have unified representation, as well as allow residents of the Stonelake area to vote in the 2020 elections, affording them the opportunity to express their concerns about the CNU Medical Complex proposal via the ballot box. 

The Truth About CNU From Stonelake Landing Business Owners


ElkGroveNews.net has produced an eye-opening series of podcasts, in which Stonelake Landing small business owners tell their side of the story regarding the lack of transparency and unethical business practices of their current landlord, California Northstate University (CNU).

The first podcast featured an interview with the owner of Results Transformation Center. In this interview, it was revealed that CNU refused to support its tenants in their pursuits of expansion and/or success. On the contrary, tenants were given the cold shoulder and CNU further made efforts to prevent the existing businesses from thriving.

In the latest podcast, EGN interviews the co-owner of Barberz Dreme Company (formerly Razor Sharp Cutz). This interview shares serious concerns that are strikingly similar to those expressed in the previous podcast, including business owners being "misinformed" about CNU's intentions, rent payments being ignored by CNU, and CNU attempting to thwart the livelihoods of its small business tenants. Listen to the latest podcast here.

CNU Gets Called Out On Lies And Shady Business Tactics

At the August 28th Elk Grove City Council meeting, the truth about California Northstate University came out, as citizens sought to clear the record, expose CNU's lies and defend local small business owners. The final speaker offered information that was in stark contrast to the rosy picture CNU representatives have been attempting to portray of themselves as they seek to destroy local small businesses to make way for their controversial medical complex. 

Dignity Is Coming To Elk Grove!

At a recent Public Hearing, during which CNU sought the City's approval to apply for $900M in tax-exempt bonds in order to fund their proposed medical complex, representatives from Dignity Health confirmed their commitment to build the first state-of-the-art teaching hospital in Elk Grove. Yes - Dignity is coming to Elk Grove and NEST welcomes "humankindness"! 


City Gives CNU Approval to Seek $900M In Tax-exempt bonds

A Public Hearing was held on 8/21/19 regarding the allowance of CNU to seek up to $900M in tax-exempt bonds to fund their proposed medical complex. In spite of several presentations from the public proving that CNU's newly resurrected non-profit organization has no track record of success for managing such a large amount of money, the City approved CNU's request, though Vice-Mayor Hume had some stern words for CNU during deliberation. 

NEST's official statement regarding the hearing: "While we think it would have been more prudent to wait until the project matured, it was encouraging to hear Vice-Mayor Hume caution his peers on the council and give a stern warning to CNU about exhausting their political capital.  It would appear the vice-mayor is well aware of the potential for failure that CNU faces as they try to acquire tax-exempt bonds, while hiding under the skirt of a 3-week old nonprofit corporation with less than $5,000 in revenues and zero dollars in assets." 

NEST'S Official Letter to City Regarding TEFRA Hearing

NEST submits its official response to the City of Elk Grove regarding California Northstate University seeking $900M in tax-exempt bonds through their newly revised non-profit affiliate, in order to fund their medical complex project.

NEST_LTR_to_City_Council_8-21-19 (pdf)



The City of Elk Grove has already approved Dignity Health's plans to move forward in building the first state-of-the-art hospital in Elk Grove at Wymark and Elk Grove Blvd - and they're doing it without destroying existing small businesses. The for-profit California Northstate University Medical Complex is unnecessary and wasteful.

Is CNU's Medical Complex "Dead in the Water"?

Floodplain Issues in West Elk Grove Rise Up Again

An update on the status of the 200-year floodplain, Urban Levee Design Criteria (ULDC) and Laguna West Levee System Problem Identification Report (PIR), indicates that the Laguna West Levee System would need to be raised by an average of approximately 3.5 feet in order to comply with the 200-year flood protection standard. "The PIR identified an estimated cost of approximately $12.2M to raise 4.5 miles of existing Laguna West levees by 3.5 feet, with an additional $3.0M that may be required to extend the levees in some areas. This estimate only covers the improvements needed to raise and extend the levees. As stated in the PIR, along with the need to raise the height of the levees, there is also the potential for under-seepage and stability issues within the levee system. The potential costs to address these issues could add anywhere between $7M and $30M to the cost of achieving 200-year flood protection." 

Read the report here.

CNU's proposed site plan

Public documents reveal previously undisclosed plans by Elk Grove city officials and California Northstate University (CNU) to develop a “biodistrict”, including a wet lab, in the residential community of Stonelake, which is adjacent to the Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge in West Elk Grove. 

In addition to the purchase of Stonelake Landing, it has also been confirmed that CNU has purchased TWO parcels on Maritime Drive, north of Elk Grove Blvd.

To view the documents CNU has submitted to the City, click here.

ElkGroveNews.Net Talks With Dreaming Dog Brewery Co-owner


ElkGroveNews.Net shares an interview with one of the co-owners of Dreaming Dog Brewery in Stonelake Landing. It appears that California Northstate University has successfully torn a huge swatch from the fabric of the Stonelake community in Elk Grove, while destroying two retirees' labor of love. 

David and Liz, you're both a class act and will be sorely missed but we absolutely understand your decision and wish you the best.