Community Information Session on 2/22

Residents Speak Out Against Proposed CNU Medical Complex

At the 2/13/19 Elk Grove City Council meeting, residents once again took the opportunity to speak out against the massive and destructive medical complex project proposed by California Northstate University. The final speaker, a citizen living miles away from the proposed project, was so inspired by the previous presentations that, at the last minute, she choose to stand up and show her solidarity with the Stonelake community. 

Dreaming Dog Brewery Gives Back To Their Community

At the 2/13/19 Elk Grove City Council meeting, Dreaming Dog Brewery donated a check to the EGPD K-9 Unit. In the face of adversity brought on by California Northstate University, which is seeking to destroy Dreaming Dog Brewery to make way for a massive medical complex, owners David and Liz Brown continue to exude integrity, honesty and a love for their community. 

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CNU's proposed site plan as of 1/29/19

This is an overlay to show how CNU's plans for a medical complex would exist in relation to the residential neighborhood of Stonelake.  

It also shows how 15 local small businesses would be destroyed. Only 4 of the current establishments would possibly remain, as they own the pads on which they reside.  These are Oz, Shell, the church and Carl's Jr.

The hospital is now slated to be 13-stories high.  The two parking structures and the student dormitory are slated to each be 5-stories high.  As CNU has no track record of success for such and undertaking, this project is at high risk of following the footsteps of the "Ghost Mall" and becoming Elk Grove's "Ghost Hospital".

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Neighbors Ensuring Stonelake Transparency (N.E.S.T.) consists of several Elk Grove residents working to ensure that our city remains a better, healthier and more welcoming place to call home. We promote transparency in all actions and events that affect our community, as well as shine a spotlight on entities and local officials found betraying the community's trust.  We band together to ensure that residents and businesses from all corners of Elk Grove have the support they need when they need it the most. 

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CNU Hospital Proposal


California Northstate University, a for-profit medical college, is attempting to build a massive medical complex including a 13-story Level II trauma hospital with 55' in additional height for a helipad in the neighborhood of Stonelake, which backs up to Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge in West Elk Grove.  CNU quietly bought several acres of land where a retail center, Stonelake Landing, currently resides.  No advanced warning was given to residents or tenants of the proposed location prior to a press conference on December 20, 2018, which was hosted by city leaders and CNU.   The community is now fighting back.

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