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The City of Elk Grove has already approved Dignity Health's plans to move forward in building the first state-of-the-art hospital in Elk Grove at Wymark and Elk Grove Blvd - and they're doing it without destroying existing small businesses. The for-profit California Northstate University Medical Complex is unnecessary and wasteful.

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At the 5-22-19 Elk Grove City Council meeting, one resident shared her professional experience with law enforcement and urged the council to pay heed to the concerns of the citizenry. Councilmembers' involvement with CNU was also discussed by another resident, pointing to a potential conflict of interest and suggesting that those officeholders should recuse themselves from voting on the project. The legal definition of "conflict of interest" was discussed, shining a light on the murky waters of the law. 

CNU's proposed site plan as of 4/15/19

Public documents reveal previously undisclosed plans by Elk Grove city officials and California Northstate University (CNU) to develop a “biodistrict”, including a wet lab, in the residential community of Stonelake, which is adjacent to the Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge in West Elk Grove. 

Earlier this week, CNU submitted to the City a detailed proposal, including a request for rezoning and a Conditional Use Permit, which would allow for the development of a biodistrict. Though the ability to finance the project has yet to be proven, the new plans now include a 12-story hospital with a helistop and a penthouse, a second 7-story patient tower which would increase the bed count from 250 to 400, a 29,300 sq. ft. central plant, 3 parking structures, a 4-story out-patient clinic, a 5-story medical office building and a 5-story dormitory to house 300 students with only 150 parking spaces allotted for them. CNU has recently purchased a nearby parcel but claims they currently have no plans for its use.

As CNU has no track record of success for such an undertaking, this project is at high risk of following the footsteps of the "Ghost Mall" and becoming Elk Grove's "Ghost Hospital". To view the documents CNU has submitted to the City, click here.

ElkGroveNews.Net Talks With Dreaming Dog Brewery Co-owner


ElkGroveNews.Net shares an interview with one of the co-owners of Dreaming Dog Brewery in Stonelake Landing. It appears that California Northstate University has successfully torn a huge swatch from the fabric of the Stonelake community in Elk Grove, while destroying two retirees' labor of love. 

David and Liz, you're both a class act and will be sorely missed but we absolutely understand your decision and wish you the best.

Listen to the interview here